What is REDEMPTION??? It’s an act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake, or having a chance at forgiveness. The forth installment in “A Family in Crisis Series. is titled “REDEMPTION” After all the “SECRETS,” are exposed and “THE TRUTH” is revealed. Will there be a chance at REDEMPTION for Nessa who has finally been set free after revealing the SECRET she has been burden with since the age of twelve. Will Andre have a chance at REDEMPTION after a surprise visitor unleashes a Tsunami of answers to questions he’s had since his diagnosis. The Davis Family, The Jordan Family and the Macmillan family will all need to be redeemed in one way or the other. Will REDEMPTION come to these families or is the saying “The truth may hurt for a while but a lie lasts forever and often can’t be forgiven” be the recipe for their future relationships!!!

Author Anthony Dwayne Dasher Sr.'s photo.


  1. Have you thought about getting the books on Audible? It wouldn’t take much to produce I’m sure 🙂

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