How do u live and function with a broken Heart

As I lie in my bed trying to get this pain from my back and bursa under control  I realize it’s not the physical pain that is hindering me from getting up and doing something productive, it’s the emotional pain, the pain in my heart that keeps tears in the corner of my eyes always on the verge of running down my face  at a moments notice. The relationship I had with my mother was priceless, she is my best friend and I miss our daily conversations about every topic we could think of that day. It could be religion, politics, relationships, the topic didn’t matter spending that time with my mom was what I cherished. It was nothing for my mom and I to talk for 8  hrs at a time on a daily basis. My mom was my everything and even though she’s been sick for some time the reality that she’s not going to get better and not only not get better but that she’s not going to be with us much longer is more than I can stand. My sister bless her heart has been on the front line and my brother bless his heart has been there with my mother throughout her health challenges and I can’t imagine the pain their enduring being there watching our mother’s health deteriorate. I thank God for them daily and my oldest Ebony who chips in where she can. I’m desperately trying to get back to NJ but my health challenges are making it difficult along with getting out of my house here in GA. I will always love my mother she’s my babygirl, my heart, my breath my reason for living and being a kind compassionate respectful human being. Most of us think our mother’s are the greatest mom’s in the world, but yall need to know my mom is something special. She’s opened her home to my friends and my brothers friends when we were in the military. If u needed food or money she would give her last.  When I was away from my daughter due to military service my mom did whatever it took  for my child. She didn’t take my side if I was wrong she told me I was wrong. My friends both male and female look at my mother as their 2nd mom, so does my sister and brothers friends. Most of her friendships have lasted at least 40 years  or more and she’s never lost a friend because she betrayed them or was disloyal. My mom worked took care of her family and went to college and got her degree making the Deans list in the process. She’s my Hero, she’s my motivation and my inspiration. She spent hours and hours listening to me as I tried to be an author and screenwriter. My only regret is she won’t be able to see me make the best sellers list or see Nessa on television. I’m down right now way down, I feel like I can’t breath but I promise u mommy I’m going to get back up and finish what we started back in 2007. I’m sorry I didn’t do before now but I will let nothing and no one stop me from accomplishing our goals I LOVE U MY SWEET SWEET TROOP FOR LIFE AND BEYOND




Latest Amazon Review from A Family in Crisis “SECRETS”

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on July 5, 2015
A real captivating page turner. It picks up from “Nessa” providing you with even more drama and suspense. Just when one mystery is revealed another one is set on the horizon compelling you to want more. This family never have a dull moment in their lives leading to several events of secrets and questions to be answered in other families lives. Clearly a “page turner” Mr. Dasher is on to something special in his writings bringing realities of a family who at every opportunity of fortune faces a difficult challenge and decision because of a misfortune.

Latest Amazon Review from A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa

I have to say that I LOVED reading this book *****
By Tosha Potter – July 10, 2015
My Uncle asked me to read a book that one of his friends wrote. I have to say that I LOVED reading this book. It is a page turner. The family and characters come to life and makes you think about people you know. This author takes you on a journey through the life of an average family Anywhere, USA, with problems and issues that are shocking and very real. I look forward to reading more about Nessa and her family, as well as, more of his work. Mr. Dasher Sr., you have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with the WORLD!!!!