Happy early Tuesday, I am proud to announce that my the third installment of A Family in Crisis Series, “The Truth” has been approved and is available for order. Now I have to tell you that the book will not appear on Amazon for two to three days but it is available at create space which is owned by Amazon. This is the link to order the book. I’ve placed my order for the books and they are scheduled to arrive on May 12th. If your interested in an autograph copy of “The Truth” please let me know before the order ships so I can add to the order. Thanks again to all of you that has supported me on this journey. I’m feeling extremely emotional right now. Thank you to Anita Dasher and Sandra Pannell for the awesome job of editing you did. It’s because of you this book is my best work. I love and appreciate you guys more than I can describe with words. I’m really proud of myself, I just feel sad, The Troop is not here to enjoy with me!!! Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

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The Truth is the mind-blowing third installment in the six-part series of books titled “A Family in Crisis” This book will answer all the questions the first two books left you to think about. In addition to your answers, a whole series of new questions will keep you wanting more and more. The Truth…


  1. Hey Anthony Can’t wait to order you new book, I’m so supper Happy about the upcoming books that you are writing….. Continue to do What God has Blessed you to do sharing your great work…..

    • Hey Latisha so good to hear from you, hope all is well, with you and the family. Catch me up, tell me what’s been going on. I’m thrilled out of my mind that you plan on getting my book. When people like yourself support my books,it’s just that much enjoyable. Hope to hear back from you soon.

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