This is part 2 of me being so proud of my relationship with God and his son Jesus. I left off with Jesus having shown up at the foot of my bed and me unable to get a nurse to bring me pain medicine from midnight to six am in the morning. After Christ told me I belonged where my kids lived instead of Washington DC making six figures, he also told me “Everything you lose for my namesake I will return it to you a hundred fold.” I had spinal fluid leaking in my spine prior to his appearance and after he left the spinal leak was gone. Now after such an encounter you would think I would have listened and came back to where my kids were living. Not me though, I left the hospital and went back to DC to my job. I lasted two weeks!!! Although the spinal leak was gone, but  with all the moving around I was doing my spine became unstable and I was bent over to the side unable to stand up straight. I was determined to do things my way and God was going to have it his way. It was no contest. I came back to Chesapeake to have my spine fused back together. I needed to be off for an extended period of time so I lost my job! Remember, I told Christ told me whatever I lost he would give it back to me a hundred fold. Even though I resisted Jesus kept his word even though I was initially disobedient, he saw past my faults and saw my need! I ended up getting long term disability and because of my position at work I ended up with the same amount of take home pay as I did when I was working. Once I learned to walk again, I started going to church, went through deacon training, became ordained and began my mission to serve God’s people to the best of my ability. I served God wherever he needed me. In the nursing homes, in the hospitals, in the courtrooms and at the jails. I prayed when asked, I gave communion when requested and I turned my legacy from one who liked the women and the women liked him to one who served God when and wherever I was needed. I owe it all to God laying me down on back. If not for back problems and that encounter with Christ I probably would have kept that job with a company that went out of business a year later with no disability to fall back on. Having health issues can be draining emotionally and sometimes the pain can be unbearable but I’ll get paid for the rest of my life tax-free, so there is a blessing in everything we go through. When life seems like it’s at its’ darkest look for that blessing become I’m telling you it’s there. I’m a living witness, I’ve been unable to work since 2001 and I was able to provide for my kids and now me and my wife can do what we want to do for the most part and I don’t have to worry about lay-offs and downsizing. I thank God for all these back surgeries, make sure you remember to thank him as well, regardless of your situation or circumstances.

May God Bless you and Heaven smile on you all!!!





I’m so proud of the relationship I now have with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his father God. As a kid I went to church every Sunday because my mother “The Troop” demanded I did. I was in every church play because my mother “The Troop” insisted I did and because I was always one of the better readers in my age group and beyond. I can remember being in my parents home town Quincy Fla every summer and going to church and flat out being filled with the Holy Spirit! I was so animated in church as a young boy that a pastor by the name of Rev Maxwell prophesized that I was either going to be a preacher or something in Gods Army! I was so excited by what he said, I scream and jumped and ran all around this church as an eight year old and it was real, I was not faking. Fast forward to my adult life and I’m not going to church on Sundays I was on the base playing ball! I didn’t read the bible nor did I have one. Then I my back goes out after many years of military and civilian damage. I have three surgery within two months and after the third surgery, I had spinal fluid leaking in my spine. The pain was like nothing I had ever experience. I was in excruciating pain and I remember ringing the buzzer for the nurse to come in. No nurse! I looked at the clock and it was midnight. I kept ringing the buzzer and got no answer! I’m in pain and pissed off but I can’t get out the bed! I’m tossing and turning, cussing and fussing, then I looked at the foot of my bed and there was Jesus!!! I’m bugging now, about to lose my mind! I close my eyes thinking I’m dreaming but when I opened my eyes he was still there and he said to me, you don’t belong in Washington DC, (You have to read The Ugly Side of Love to know why) you belong here with your kids and I was arguing with Jesus telling him about this job with MCI and the money I’m making and he said “Everything you give up for my namesake, I will give it back to you a hundred fold” No one came in my room from midnight to six am and when they scanned my back the leak was gone!!!……….Part Two To Come!!! Pics below shows you where God has brought me from!!! Thank you Lord!!!



I’m so proud of the man I’ve become. I’m proud of the husband that I am for my wife Sandra. I’m even prouder of the failures I’ve overcome to become this man!!! It was a process for me, I knew nothing about commitment and unconditional love. When I got to a certain age I started to care about the legacy I would leave for my kids in particular and my family in general. Loving a woman is not a physical thing, it’s an emotional, mental and spiritual process. I love my wife the way God has commanded us to. I love honor and respect my wife. I love honor and respect my children and my siblings. I’ve learned to humble myself and allow my wife to teach me things I don’t know, correct me when I’ m wrong without getting defensive. I’ve learned how to make my wife the most important person in my life so she can be at peace and spread her wings to be all that God wants her to be. Happy wife happy life. IJS!!! I’m proud that despite all the mistakes I’ve made, I’ve grown into a caring, giving, compassionate and God fearing man. What are you so, so, proud of!!!

So Proud, So, So, Proud!!!

I wanted you all to know that I’m so proud of myself as a writer. I’ve written a six part series of books. Three are published and a fourth is on the way. I’ve also written a six part screenplay that I hope you will be able to see in your living rooms in the next year or so. I’m proud that I’ve also written two more books. “The Ugly Side of Love” and Unforgiven Sins Heaven or hell which one will you choose” I’m proud that I’ve written a play, “Unforgiven Sins the Play” You know we live in a world that determines ones success by the amount of money one has, the number of awards one has been given. Or in my case as a writer its based on the number of books or screenplays you’ve sold or how many people attend your play. I’ve sold books not as many as some and more than others but that’s not the point! I’m proud because I started something and saw it to completion. I created a family out of my mind. None of it is true, its pure fiction at it’s finest. I actually tapped into my creative mind and with all the health issues I’ve endured and still am enduring. I decide to tell myself I’M PROUD!!!



Redemption is the act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake. Deliverance from sin and guilt!!!

Will Lisa try to redeem herself after her explosive interaction with Nessa? Will Frances feel guilty after what she set in motion? Will Uncle Jordan accept the fact his daughter is in love with a former gangbanger? There is a love triangle with an explosive outcome!!!! Who will be delivered from Sin, Guilt or both??? These are some of the questions u were left with after reading “The Truth” Will Redemption provide you the answers to those questions??? 9/16/17 ur answers will be available!!! I have 8 error free copies left of “The Truth” that are autographed. Get yours before they run out. I will pay for postage!!!