Hey everyone my name is Anthony Dasher and for those who might not know it, I am the author of six part series of books titled “A Family in Crisis Series” First there was “A Family in Crisis the Story of Nessa,” then “Secrets” and now we have “The Truth.” These three books and the three to come are the types of books that you won’t regret you purchased. These books are relatable and deal with a plethora of emotions such as deceit, despicable, distrust, depraved, duped, disdained, discriminate, domineering, and those are only the D’s! When writing this story I tried to give a realistic portrayal of a family dealing with the kinds of things these families were dealing with. I’ve often been asked, if any of my characters are family members or friends. I can honestly tell you the answer is I’ll never tell! Listen folks, come it you straight no chaser. Get a copy of the book, take the time to read the book and I can guarantee you, you’ll be like damn Dasher or Anthony this is a good damn book. You’ll never know unless you give the book a try……  Peace and blessing to you all!


nessiahs workv


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